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Cabinets for Joe

Max on Mon 8 Apr

We make display cabinets for award-winning farrier Joe

A Display Cabinet for Bill

Max on Mon 11 Mar

We make a large display cabinet in oak and ash

Ash Bench

Tim on Mon 5 Feb

Ash Bench

Some news

Max on Wed 12 Jul

Some significant news for us at Rickard Furniture

Designing a Nave Altar

Max on Thu 22 Jun

A New Nave Altar for the Church of Saint Nicholas of Myra, Brighton

A Coffee Table in English Ash

Max on Wed 24 Aug

We make a Scandi-inspired coffee table in English ash

Scandi design

Max on Thu 23 Jun

Designing and making a coffee table in English Ash

A Parting Gift

Max on Wed 30 Mar

A Parting Gift for Reverend Michael

Designing and Making a Church Aumbry

Max on Tue 8 Mar

A Church Aumbry in English Ash and Oak

A Christmas Story by Safe Hans

Tim on Wed 22 Dec

Pencil Pots and Holly Wood




Family Heirlooms

Tim on Sun 3 Oct

A gift from a grandfather to his twin grandsons 

Wegner Chair Update

Max on Wed 18 Aug


A note from Elena



We restore another* Hans Wegner chair

Tim on Wed 26 May

A Hans Wegner Tarm Stole Rocking Chair (*more on the genius that is Hans Wegner, see our earlier post below)

Lockdown Project

Max on Sat 27 Mar

Aiming High

What is an 'Aumbry'?

Max on Thu 11 Mar

Design for a Church Aumbry

A Console Table in Walnut

on Tue 9 Feb

Console Table in Walnut Completed

Attics, Stairs and Kitchens

Max on Wed 7 Oct

Furniture-making and joinery meet again in this attic, stairwell and kitchen project

Play and Learn!

Max on Tue 8 Sep

Cuckfield Preschool Playgroup

Designing a Table

Max on Wed 24 Jun

Designing a Console Table in Walnut

It's a ... drum roll

Max on Fri 14 Feb

The Mystery Solved 


How to be a Luthier

Tim on Tue 7 Jan

Inspiration to resume a guitar making project

What on earth..?

Max on Sun 5 Jan


Tim's been on the lathe again... can you tell what he's been making? 

Keeping it Local

Max on Fri 27 Sep

Local oak for a new gate

Hans Wegner Chair Restoration

Tim on Wed 24 Jul

A Hans Wegner tripod "Heart" chair and another of unknown provenance under restoration

More Hut news

Max on Fri 12 Jul

House & Garden Magazine Top 100

Experimental Table Frame in Mahogany

Max on Sun 30 Jun

An experiment in curved forms for a mahogany table

Shepherds Hut Glamping

Max on Mon 17 Jun

Shepherds Hut now available for glamping holidays

Furniture Making Meets Agricultural Heritage

Max on Thu 14 Mar

Making Shepherds Huts in a modern world

'Joinery' Meets Furniture Making

Max on Tue 19 Feb

'Joinery' meets Furniture Making. What's the distinction?

English Ash

Max on Thu 17 Jan

English Ash - a plausible alternative to Oak?

How do we relate to 'made' objects?

Max on Sun 2 Dec

BBC Radio 4 - The Sympathy of Things

National Tree Week and The Tree Charter

Max on Sat 24 Nov

A people-powered movement for trees

Is it Oak?

Max on Fri 10 Aug

What hardwood timber to use for a painted exterior door?

Let there be light

Tim Rickard on Wed 6 Jun

Our workshop sees the light

How long is a dining table?

Max Rickard on Fri 11 May

Or perhaps, a better question, if you want to seat 14 people, how long should it be?

Impulse Buy

Max Rickard on Mon 5 Mar

Oak Slab or a beautiful table? 


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