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on Mon 8 Apr



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… talking of buses, glass-fronted display cabinets are a bit like London buses for us at the moment. You wait ages for one to turn up and then two come along at once. 


The latest bus, er, cabinet, is for award-winning farrier Joe Gillings. In fact, talented Joe has won so many awards and certificates he thought it about time he put them all together on display at his forge. 


Joe wanted it made from native hardwoods and, as with Bill (see News passim), a bright interior to set off the display, so we opted for the carcass in oak and with the rear panels in solid ash. He was after an unfussy look so we went for simple lines, a ‘french-cleat’ mounting arrangement (this time with the cleat flush to the cabinet so it will appear to float on the wall surface) and magnetic closures set inside. Only the hinges and solid brass knob are on view - no distractions from the celebration of Joe’s achievements. 


We used toughened glass on the cabinet fronts. Finally, we made a pair of slender oak frames that will take A4-sized certificates, for mounting inside. 


Joe promises to send us some images once the cabinets are adorned with the various gongs and he gets them wall-mounted. Until then, you’ll have to settle for a drawn impression we made at the design stage.


A change from cabinets next as we switch into a Scandi-style kitchen table, on which more anon. We very much enjoyed making Bill and Joe’s cabinets, so if, like them, you have something you want to display and need a bespoke, hand-made cabinet to do it justice, we’d be pleased to hear from you.



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