Plastic Bag Dryer

on Fri 14 Feb


Okay, so not a great mystery. Or anything to do with drums. But we've had some very odd suggestions in response to our earlier news post: What on earth is this? Something to do with knitting was popular, then there was Xylophone mallets and the evergreen 'Yeti back-scratcher'. 


Anyway, Tim's wife, Tish, thought something like this was needed to solve the problem of how to dry those plastic bags so you can re-use them rather than throw them in the ocean. So Tim got busy. Of course, what she found was that all manner of things find their way on there for drying.


It had no name, so she calls it 'The Rickard'. Now a firm favourite among family and friends, while we await that large John Lewis order, we thought we would tell you good people about it.


Tim uses timber from his home-harvested stock of holly, ash and oak so the footprint is small. Form an orderly queue...





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