Local Oak for a New Gate

on Fri 27 Sep



Introducing curved elements into a design, at least for this woodworker, brings mixed feelings. There is the delight of a bespoke design; that you can draw a line that you haven’t seen elsewhere. But then you have to make it.


Of course there is great pleasure in the challenge. But whether it’s a piece of furniture or an item of joinery, it does mean that things get a bit more complicated. Good joint-making is usually about bringing together accurately square forms of timber — ideally long grain is glued to long grain. So the challenge is to bring odd-shaped elements together without compromising the integrity of the joints. 


Our client for this gate wanted a robust affair but with a smile on its face. We made it from local English oak from our good friends at Balcombe Sawmill. Air dried for stability, it has no finish so it will weather in to match the oak timber frames of the delightful 16th-century cottage it fronts. 


To commission a bespoke piece of furniture or joinery allows you to think freely about form as well as function; if you can imagine it we can probably make it! We are blessed with first-class sawmills in Sussex and Gloucestershire so you can be sure your timber is high quality, sustainable and local.




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