We design and make a kitchen / dining table in tulip wood and ash

on Fri 26 Apr
A Scandi-style kitchen / dining table in tulip wood and ash
L & J were looking for a kitchen / dining table in an understated Scandi style, which could comfortably seat up to 10 people. They wanted the design to echo the poplar / tulip-wood accents that feature in their delightful new Pembrokeshire home. 
Nothing in the shops or online seemed to meet the brief. So they came to us with their interesting idea to use this much underrated timber in their table design.
Poplar, or tulip wood as it is also known, is a widely available hardwood that is both strong and versatile. Lighter than oak or ash, it offers a distinctive grain pattern and colour variation and takes finishes well. With modern finishes offering high levels of protection it can be used successfully for surfaces that have low-impact usage. So, we opted for this to make the table top.
L & J wanted minimum intrusion from the legs - this fitted the Scandi design style with slender, arched aprons and no lower stretchers. But it meant we needed a very strong and flexible timber for the under-frame. Ash was the obvious choice here and with its creamy tones it complements the tulip wood nicely.
The legs in profile are set back at a slight angle, the apron joints fully supported at the corners, and the frame structure internally braced to spread the load. Mortice and tenon joints are finished with dowels, these in mahogany and set a little proud.
These days we rarely stray from Osmo for finish products. This time we used their furniture- and food-friendly Polyx oil / wax in matt. 
If you have a table design in mind or in a timber that you cannot find on the high street perhaps it is time for you to consider a bespoke solution? We’re happy to talk through your ideas with you at any time.


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