An Ash Bench in Four Parts

on Mon 5 Feb


Some years ago I bought a huge slab of ash from which I derived two seats for the children's chairs featured in a previous blog - 'Family Heirlooms'. For some time I had been wondering what to do with the remaining ash and was delighted when the opportunity arose to put it to good use.


The two bench legs are slightly angled and link the two seat elements with six tenons. Those seat elements are generously separated to allow sit-bones to nestle comfortably between them. The four parts making up the bench are secured by two walnut pegs. No glue was used for this project.


The bench seats three adults in comfort and the client is delighted that the younger grandchildren love the bench and occupy it 'like birds on a wire'. When not in use as a seat, I'm told it functions as an extended coffee table and, inevitably, a shelf. 


Another family heirloom in the making?


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