A Display Cabinet in Oak and Ash

on Mon 11 Mar
A Display Cabinet for Bill
 Bill wanted a large cabinet to display his impressive collection of automotive memorabilia -  nudging 200 and counting, among which over 100 F1 models: "I can pretty well name them all' he says.
He was clear on the cabinet's dimensions and basic structure, and wanted it to be made from hardwoods with the rear panel in a lighter-toned timber to offer a bit more light amidst the shade. We chose ash for that and the carcass frame and shelving in oak. 
We sought a design that would maximise the view into the display so we settled on unframed glass panes with finger holes that slot into shallow grooves in the cabinet, running straight and easy across the whole width. Toughened glass of course. 
The finish came recommended from the technical boffs at Osmo who were helpful as ever. We wanted a lighter-toned and odourless finish for the interior parts, for which their Liquid Wax in matt works to good effect. For the outer parts we used their evergreen Polxy-Oil which offers a natural and very resilient finish. 
The cabinet is heavy. We decided to hang it on his wall using a split batten (sometimes called a ‘French cleat') arrangement which is robust and means there are no obtrusive hanging fixings to spoil the look. It also meant Tim, Bill and I could lift and slot it into position, with only a few accompanying sound effects, in one big heave.
Bill tells us he is most pleased with his cabinet and that he has enjoyed arranging his collection on the 14 shelf surfaces. Ding ding - plenty more room on top!
Our grateful thanks to long-time client Bill, a repeat offender in the way of Rickard Furniture commissions. 




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