Reclaimed Oak and Stone

Reclaimed oak
Holy Trinity Church, Cuckfield
Decayed church roof timbers
The Reclaimed Stone
Mounted tower stone on oak
A parting gift for The Revd Michael
on Wed 30 Mar
Another news piece concerning our local church here in Cuckfield.
Vicar of Holy Trinity Church, the Reverend Michael Maine, was responsible for a substantial refurbishment project: to repair and replace the decayed timber and masonry structures of the church's roof and tower. A huge task which Michael supervised with his usual drive, cheerful enthusiasm and vision.
Revd Michael retired as vicar of Cuckfield this February, timed serendipitously with the completion of the works. 
We were asked by the folk at the church to help conceive a leaving present that would acknowledge his huge contribution to the preservation of this magnificent building for future generations.
After discussion we decided to repurpose some of the discarded (and very decayed) oak roof timber and carved tower stone. It seemed to us only right that one piece should seamlessly support the other. 
The resulting mount, 'The Reclaimed Stone', was presented to Michael at his final service, a fitting reminder of his time at Holy Trinity and a token of the esteem in which he is held in the parish. He will be much missed.


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