Timber selection for a parlour door

on Fri 10 Aug

A pleasing non-furniture project: to make a replacement ledged and braced door for a traditional-style kitchen parlour. As an exterior door, the ability to stand up to the elements was paramount but so too was keeping to a budget. With durability in mind, and an ability to take a painted finish well, we settled on Idigbo. With similar properties to oak, it offers an economic alternative for painted hardwood applications. 

If you thought bespoke hardwood joinery always means expensive materials - perhaps there's good reason to think again. Talk to us about your budget and your needs and we will strive to find a solution.

Incidentally, the huge chisel in the photo belongs to Paulus Smith (master carpenter extraordinary, mentor and occasional collaborator) who had 'mislaid' and subsequently found this, his favourite, in a rather sorry state. Tim turned a new handle in some of his home-grown ash and I fettled the steel back to an agreeable sharpness. The repatriation was a happy event.


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