Susie and Rob’s new kitchen and heating system meant a change of floor; they asked: Could you use the old oak floorboards? A gift horse. Six months later they called and asked: Could we make them a dining table? Yes. And, if we still had any left, could we use the old floorboards for the top? Maybe.

Flooring-grade oak with splintered tongue and groove and many ‘secret' nailing holes was something of a challenge. It suggested a more traditional, rustic table design and we quickly settled on a simple X-frame trestle, butt-jointed boards on top with breadboard ends.

The X-frame design is a traditional classic and with good reason. It offers simplicity with great strength. Some people like the way the legs seem to intrude less than some other designs.

African Blackwood was used for the tenon wedges. A favourite finish – two coats of Danish oil, a fine sanding followed by clear beeswax. Yes, you can put wax over an oil finish to good effect.



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